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18:09 20150727 Cheng Ruiyi: 7

18:09 20150727 Cheng Ruiyi: 7.27 spot gold spot gold spot silver crude oil operation is
Cheap EGO CE4 Kits China recommended for analysis Cheng Ruiyi: 7.27 spot gold spot silver oil operation analysis of late on [into Ruiyi] market news interpretation Monday July 27th at the end of the E-CIGARETTE CHINA week to see the final market turn, January Amoi finally see the stabilized form, gold, silver prices continued the upward trend reversal at midnight on Friday, showing the inertia the upside after steadily after the break, gold prices remain high and volatile situation, continuous breakthrough 1100 mark integer after showing broken bits form, and successive semidiurnal shock
Cheap Hot E Cig kits China pattern basically stable 1100 line position, showing the 1103 line position of the long and short game form, silver also continuously upward again not resigned to
Cheap EGO CE5 Kits China playing second fiddle,
E shisha pen eshisha disposable e cigarette E hookah pen ehookah disposable electronic cigarette with 10 flavors free shipping 2900 mark integer position to maintain the long and short game shape to stabilize, the potential should not be underestimated, the trend from the morphological point of view, the fluctuation of crude oil, together with the special case also showed steady downward to stabilize
http://shhshygs.cn/news/html/?44831.html the shock pattern, so far the market short of longterm stabilization may be coming, but the reverse upside recovery path, need to wait until Thursday after the market broke out that direction. br br and the dollar index and eventually became a broken Disposable e cigarette form, multi interval break form to unreasonable upside can be suppressed, while the United States optimistic mood Mechanical Mod and RDA seems to Hot E Cig kits be convergence, but the focus is E-CIG CHINA interest rate meeting before tightening of the market form of debate, makes ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA shortterm market present the rational regression, and dialectical attitude may be breaking the main reason for the formation of the dollar index is strong, but in Ruiyi personal view under the market break live in tomorrow evening before has been effectively controlled, and financial market overall tightening shock will follow. [Ruiyi into gold, silver, oil technical analysis] br Silver br br spot silver from daily Friday spot silver charge a root under the shadow of a long line of positive column, K line operation in the vicinity of brin rail, green action

introduction: zombie exists in most people’s circle of friends

introduction: zombie exists in most people’s circle of friends, most of the time are not activated. Seemingly you have many friends or but most of the time there is no interaction.Href= p when we are getting tired to deal with the a href rel = micro channel a and I have nothing to do but forced to look at the information, my mind always flashed on the screen is: a look not clear face of people standing on the stage in Central performance alone, around the dark, only the focus lamp light lonely companion, the man sometimes drunk, sometimes lost, sometimes anxiety, sometimes look, sometimes calm, dark around occasionally think of applause, but he did not know who is the audience, he re humming his rhythm dancing once again. in the use of micro letters, perhaps many people are on this state of mind and the state have experience. Today, based on micro channel social relations has indeed changed a big change. Initially, micro letter circle is a small circle, c
Mens Jeremy Lin Shoes Silver Black Blueomposed of relatives and friends, this relationship is strong ties and mostly in the real life, stability of this relationship is very high, even without the use of micro channel, this strong relationship can still by other ways to maintain. With micro channel more and become a professional networking, scope of work, marketing tool, one circle indeed by the original pure strong Guanxi circle expanded
http://taohui8866.com/news/html/?1658.html to the wider circles, even more cross circle, this circle is based on weak ties, do not rely on emotional to maintain, in order to work, to meet the social needs of professional, marketing purposes only. p so, based on micro channel platform social circle eventually formed two kinds of relations: a kind of is real strong relationship between social circle; another is based on the interests of a makeshift weak relation. p micro channel for communication, professional circle social, marketing and other aspects of demand more, weak relationship between the circles to occupy the ratio will be greater, the description above the screen will people increasingly feel real. Actually, people feel the true cause of fatigue, loss, anxiety and other emotions are not as many articles said increased, the proliferation of circle of friends, information this is just a, essentially, the makeshift weak ties to less than us enough to meet, sense of security, to maintain a sense of. the problem is precisely that this weak relationship circle in the micro channel is growing, how to affect us? As well as to the micro channel product itself is what the role? based on the interests of the needs of the temporary social relations: the most easily become a zombie relationship as mentioned above, this relationship is now in a larger proportion of the micro channel, this relationship is due to work reasons, professional social, mixed

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In the golden corn grain also known as the corn

In the golden corn grain also known as the corn, corn cob, etc., is
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Women Canada Online Sale one of the grain. The maize drought tolerance, barren land, so the north people treat it as Blake Griffin Shoes a staple food. Corn has high nutritional value, but also has a lot of health benefits, has been praised as a gold crop. Chinese medicine believes that corn stressed in the stomach, Yifei Ning Nike Air Foamposite Women heart, diuresis dehumidification effect. Containing natural anticancer agent, American researchers found that coarse corn contains a kind of anticancer factor glutathione peroxidase. It can be associated with other carcinogens, so that the loss of carcinogenic, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer. In Air Jordan Shoes Mens addition, the corn germ contains rich vitamin E and selenium element, have certain antioxidant effect, can prevent the cell cancer. Corn also contains a lot of magnesium, magnesium can inhibit the formation and development of cancer cells, and is conducive to the expansion of blood vessels, strengthen the intestinal wall peristalsis, increase bile secretion, promote the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice excretion of waste. The carotenoids and other vitamins in maize have a certain inhibition effect on chemical carcinogens. Modern research has also found that corn contains
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Canada Online Sale a lot of lysine. Lysine can not only inhibit the growth of cancer cells, but also can reduce and inhibit the side effects of anticancer
Womens Nike Air Max 90 VT Deep Grey Camo drugs. Moreover, corn contains large amounts of dietary fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis, Dangdi gut, shorten the intestinal contents through the time, prompted carcinogens and other toxins, reduce the absorption of carcinogens, prevent colon cancer. Eat the law has to play its Nike Air Force Ones prevention and cancer prevention and cancer efficacy, to pay attention to the law. 1. With legumes food match: corn protein amino acid composition of the lack of tryptophan and corn protein biological value, net utilization from the perspective of, the
http://www.aimsn.cn/plus/feedback.php?aid=3 scores are than rice and flour to low, so long simply to corn protein source in Nike Air Max Mens the crowd, often easily lead to inadequate intake of high quality protein. Beans are rich in protein content and good quality, so the diet collocation, can be mixed with beans and beans to eat the way, improve the overall utilization of the mixed meal. Such as corn porridge collocation beans and vegetables, or
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Men Canada Online Sale corn soup made of tofu and other food collocation. 2 can not be longterm as a single staple food: corn is rich in nicotinic acid, but it is the combination of nicotinic acid in the presence of. Because the human body is difficult to absorb with niacin, so long to maize as staple food, prone to laipi disease, dermatitis and diarrhea and other symptoms. Therefore, it is not suitable for the long term as a staple food of three meals a day. 3 do not eat moldy corn: according to epidemiological investigation, the main staple maize population, a higher incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma. Because the corn in the high temperature and high humidity environment prone to mildew, the content of aflatoxin is relatively high, and yellow aspergillus toxin is the main triggering factor of hepatocellular carcinoma. Therefore, such as eating corn, suggested to eat seasonal, fresh, no mildew or their processing as well! 4 integrated food and therapeutic effect is better: summer eating corn, many people will throw away the corn. In fact, corn itself is a good medicine, has the effect of reducing blood sugar, gallbladder, hemostasis. Chinese medicine believes that: corn is available water swelling, liver and gallbladder, due to various causes edema have certain curative effect. Such as tumor patients with urine adverse, ascites and edema, can be a single use of corn to be fried Tang drink

; the day before yesterday afternoon

; the day before yesterday afternoon, the Hebei provincial Party Secretary Zhou Benshun was investigated for serious violation of discipline. this was detonated a bomb. This is the first time since eighteen, the first incumbent provincial Party secretary. The news, my colleagues around, shouted at the time of the Spring Festival from Hebei Province, Deputy Secretary General of the transferred back to Beijing’s fellow wise, and to applaud. Look at my face at a loss, colleagues said, the moment Nike Free Run 3 you see? As long as a big fall, side will be sacked a number of followers, and even a number of their intersection. We are there as deputy secretary general. The cat was licking the mouse, ah! ; Zhou Benshun’s resume, but also really, he was in the central political and Law Commission from the deputy secretary general to the secretary general, a total of ten years, which has been sentenced to work with Nike Air Max Women the former member of the Standing Committee for many years! Colleagues say, do you understand? Standing week before and after the fall of the Standing Committee, his entourage, from the Secretary, the secretary general, t
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Redhe driver, to work with the assistant, it is a falling leaves.. Know this is why? This is the wrong team, being uprooted! p amp; amp; and check news reports at the time. Sure enough, to help the family, secretary to help, to help the entourage, with fallen trees, the foil of the flower and
Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA UK Online Sale leaf also falling. Along the former member of the Standing Committee of week of Nike Flex Experience RN
http://www.anboedu.com/plus/feedback.php?aid=28890 corruption cases, go to see also deputy national level corruption case, more or less there to pull out Nike Max 90 Current Moire the radish with mud yiguoduan phenomenon. ; you know? This is
Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck UK Online Sale called the extermination, leaving troubles! You Lebron James Shoes look at Zhou Benshun, not the first Secretary of the provincial Party Secretary and organization, and then engage in him? The best is yet to come. After the unusual conclusion of his colleagues, he showed his pride! I asked him where he had come to the conclusion, the news Glow in the Dark Jordan Men of the chant, how can I make it out. p amp; nbsp amp; amp; grasping system, grasping system, catch major, with a small case, catch a case, with a bunch of, which has been discipline inspection departments and prosecutors investigating corruption corruption cases of successful experience. But regardless of the system to catch, or check, small and great, is to grasp the suspected criminal evidence as the premise, is by no means ignore the evidence, engage in blind But the questions raised by my colleagues are also worthy of deep consideration and vigilance! Although my party anticorruption never get involved in policy, but made by the news media in the coverage of the national leaders of corruption cases, Secretary of help, designated relatives and help Gang, circle,
Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA UK Online Sale apparently suspected of over interpretation, it is easy to mislead people produce anti corruption illusion. saying goes, no man died. The problem is that there is no disease in the stomach. The big tiger has fallen, and the small tiger around it is not implicated, is

entrepreneurs should be concerned about the seventeen legal issues Guangdong wide law firm Chen Qi editor first

entrepreneurs should be concerned about the seventeen legal issues Guangdong wide law firm Chen Qi editor first, the establishment of a business or other forms of business enterprise? p A: because now the establishment of various kinds of enterprises basically does not exist capital threshold. Therefore, the entrepreneur should according to the specific circumstances of the individual, combined with various forms of enterprise responsibility and bear the mode, choose a suitable form of organization. p individual entrepreneurship can choose mainly in the form of application for registration of engaged in individual industrial and commercial households, the establishment of an individual proprietorship enterprise or the establishment of a limited liability company, and the entrepreneurial team can choose to set up a partnership, limited liability company or a company limited by shares. different forms of organization responsibility:
Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck UK Online Sale a registered individual industrial and commercial households whose operating income belongs to the individual or family of the individual. Among them, the personal business, to repay the personal property; the family business, the family property to repay.
Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA UK Online Sale two the property of the sole proprietorship enterprise is the individual investors, and the investors take unlimited liability for the debts of the enterprise. A sole proprietorship enterpri
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Grey Blackse after the dissolution, the original investors during the period of the existence of a sole proprietorship enterprise debt shall still bear the responsibility to repay, but creditors within five years not to the debtor proposed claims for debt repayment and the responsibility of the destroyed. p 3 one person limited liability company to company property of external responsibility, but shareholders cannot prove property of the company is independent from the shareholders of their property of, it shall bear joint
http://www.anboedu.com/plus/feedback.php?aid=28890 and several liability for the debts of the company. p 4 the partnership for the debts of the enterprise with compensation of partnership property, to offset the shortage, by the partners to the property bear unlimited joint and several liability. As a partner to the partnership enterprise debt obligations
Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA UK Online Sale unlimited joint and several liability. p 5 limited liability company and company limited by shares of the company’s debts with all its property responsibility, and shareholders to subscribe Nike Air Max Women to the payment of contributions or subscribe for shares, responsible for the company to the extent of. p the organization outside the company need to personal property for the debts of the enterprise bear joint and several liability, and entrepreneurial risktaking capacity is not Nike Free Run 3 high, Nike Flex Experience RN so in poineering initial stage, it is recommended using the form of a limited liability company in order to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship. but it is necessary to emphasize that the majority of investors in the course of the business will be accustomed to the understanding of private property, so the company’s money is their own money. But in the company of the Lebron James Shoes system in which the consciousness is dangerous, the company is independent from the investors’ legal person. In one person, the shareholder can not prove that Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the property of the company is independent of the property of its shareholders, and shall bear joint liability for the debts of the company. If the use of company property and personal property of the cross, and may also involving misappropriation of funds and the criminal cases, Kungfu founder CAI was sentenced Nike Max 90 Current Moire to the crime of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds is an example. Therefore, the company should establish a sound financial system, investors want to enterprise

p amp; nbsp amp; amp; recently

p amp; nbsp amp; amp; recently, the online news reports said, Tianzhen County, Datong City, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Shanxi Province, many farmers suddenly found, own somehow back the loans and overdue, bank loans is Tianzhen County Rural Credit Cooperatives. Local police also said that more than 50 people were due to the loan to report. The banking sector Nike Flex Experience RN has also been involved, and Nike Free Run 3 instructed the Tianzhen County Credit Union selfexamination. p this news only reason caused by the author’s attention because several years before the local also met with the same thing. At that time the situation is that the county, a township credit cooperatives related to poverty alleviation and development agencies entrusted, responsible for the review and issuance of small credit loans by the national interest rate. An unscrupulous traders and credit cooperatives internal staff collusion, collaborated with a number of administrative villages in the village cadres that the villagers for subsidies in
Cheap Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck UK Online Sale the name of, collect a large number of villagers identity documents and copies provided to credit unions. Credit cooperatives in the name of the farmers for the relevant loan loans by IOUs, unscrupulous businessmen swept away. So it appears like Tianzhen County, Shanxi Province, farmers in many of the truth of the unknown know loans collective repo
Womens Jordan 5 Nubuck Blackrt situation. Later, the public security organs to loan fraud on the investigation of illegal businessmen, but did not see what the relevant responsible person of the credit is subject to what kind of treatment. p back to Tianzhen County, Datong, Shanxi the loan events, from the point of view of the followup reports, both involved units of credit agency, or the local departments seemed a little anxious not to panic, that steady effort is to give people the impression: seemingly
http://www.siji-art.com/a/wszl/738.html collective farmers reported case, not a small movement, but even if there is a loss of the loan, stand not to loan of the peasants, it is not possible to Lebron James Shoes lead to mass incidents. So, there is a public
Cheap Womens Jordan 5 AAA UK Online Sale security organs also did not put on record, the banking department instructed the credit union self so cautiously move. p may Datong in Shanxi Province, the is loan events, most likely belongs to a kind of acts in violation of Nike Air Max Women financial laws and
Cheap Womens Air Jordan 4 AAA UK Online Sale regulations, will not cause the loss of loans, not to false farmers bring Ding loss. However, if the credit cooperatives from the grant of loans out of the national poverty alleviation loans it? Then the farmers fraudulent use of identity information, it Nike Max 90 Current Moire is not really not to be divulged transactions? There is no issue between loans and use people? Is a credit cooperative or a common phenomenon? the above questions, for the relevant functional departments responsible for the supervision, should not be in the brain to ask a few more why? To know that although the credit cooperatives and several large stateowned commercial banks compared to the relatively low degree of development, but do not forget that it is also linked to the same family of financial enterprises. In particular, after several stateowned banks from the countryside, the credit cooperatives has become almost the largest financial services unit of rural grassroots. Not because of credit cooperatives is rooted in the countryside, put it as a motley crew and lax regulation. On the contrary, it is because the rural credit cooperatives in financial management, personnel quality and other aspects of the gap between stateowned banks, it is because once they appear problems, it may damage the majority of farmers

Lanna evening p when Beijing Internet company are in pursuit of poster ppt design style

Lanna evening p when Beijing Internet company are in pursuit of poster ppt design style, Zhang, CEO of public comment, the day before yesterday in Shanghai facing the five pages of College Students’ level of the PPT, for the past twelve years of enterprise gives new strategic mission, namely in xinwentonggao is concentrated ink painting o2o 2.0 or, more appropriate definition of terms, it is a kind of to symbiotic and mutually beneficial commercial civilization. Although one of the remaining winner public comment is thousand group war, but Zhang Tao made no secret of his group purchase this business model, which is love with the biggest winner of U.S. group purchase market competition work, but as a Yelp mirror in fact, set up time for public comment to encounter Yelp one year, this is the case of rare but not related to the Sino US progress together: public comment copy plagiarism behavior that those data that it accumulated has irreplaceable value in the history, public comment, the few attack tendency, both from competing products the contents of the comment, in Zhang Tao’s words, we are all around the business brand and consumption decision to reinforce the barriers.
Mens Derrick Rose III Shoes Orange Grey p and public comment began its own status and set off to buy the reasonable logic is, buy itself like a handle shitailichen blunt knife, rough cut o2o industry the first gap, forcing businesses to accept the new rules of the game, but have no intention to pick up those on pricing strategies had been overturned after become confused mess. The traffic aggregation to buy a single page and non drainage play home business,
http://www.arttherapy.cn/news/html/?8211.html is not conducive to the pace of development of the public comment, Zhang Tao thinks, if we follow only it is supreme the wind industry, all the people will planting together to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs into the pit. p at the same time, according to the statistics of CNNIC, the growth rate of China to buy the user has been re below the growth rate of online shoppers, per unit invested in a new open clique number, price and sold the Singular Growth reduce, marginal revenue fell into negative growth space. p so you can see, the public comment, the headquarters of the company will be more and more small, continuously the we vertical industry division to go out, not only responsible for their own profits and losses, the internal settlement, but also rooted the whole industry chain and Retrofits of inefficient and redundant. Zhang Tao the attended the public comment strategic communication will be another more important reason is beauty division platform in the establishment of the new company. p can be seen clearly, the public comment is through the deployment of chain multiple Islands vertical between the cooperative combat system based on to produce deep type barrier defense effect blockade competitors of the expansion of space, at the same time, it intends to contain sacrifice great tactical input, effectives released into the hinterland of the situation is not clear, or put up or support to vertical wall Kiyono of conventional arms. so, how will the open and closed loop Become, become Zhang Tao painstakingly thinking subject, the former is the expansion of product.

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p when the surplus assets

p when the surplus assets, Internet companies began their strong expansion, of course, on the other hand is to improve their industrial chain path, let search, ecommerce, payment, life etc. have a good output window, over the past two years, bat and other Internet giants did not stop the pace of expansion. p film as the entertainment needs of the majority of users, the inevitable is the bat and other Internet giants watch, the top of the major film and television production company investment layout, terminal, starting from the user, tried to attract users to use their platform to watch the movie and is, consumer movie secondary flow of each large network video website, video website content library expansion, even if there is no box office, advertising is not cheap income. p according to observation, I find, recently Suzhou cinema hall were placed in the multiple take the ticket machine, users through the Internet company of each platform ticket seat selection directly on the machine can take the ticket, without the need to queue up to buy a ticket, also can get holiday discount, the price to members than theaters are to a number of concessions. What is the need f
Mens Derrick Rose III Shoes Orange Greyor p from the point of view of the current situation, various industries of o2o began to fine, rather than original rush shouting slogans, from their respective details have begun to o2o landing steps. Film go o2o route, is only the beginning of the buy services, to direct election seat ticket service, and users. The cinema, the two sides can very good adaptation, Internet companies and the cinema system has
http://www.idenet.net.cn/news/html/?168630.html formed a preliminary docking. The value of p machine is to let Internet companies and cinemas to promote cooperation o2o floor more integration, user buy movie tickets on Taobao, Che Guevara, cat’s eye, network, network time, micro channel, baidu glutinous rice platform, the direct use of machine tickets, without queuing again went to the counter to get the tickets. Only in this way can save a lot of time. p this my profound experience in particular, holidays, cinema, overcrowding, separate from a online shopping team tickets, if the case of the machine failure, the more trouble, is a very interesting thing, machine of the cinema often fail, our public Internet can be considered directly from the hardware help cinemas. So, this is directly on the ticket machine to get a ticket is very convenient, and the cinema’s ordinary users to take the ticket. p from the point of view of the unity of the system, the ticket machine is the Internet a dragon service down the, no need to over the counter, eight machines, equivalent to open more than 8 take the ticket window, greatly enhance the speed for the tickets. The Internet itself is to promote offline saving process, on the early years of the group buying behavior is not fundamentally solve the problem, the machine helps users and cinema busy, from the process to save time of each other. machine in the fight for what? p Internet company between competition is very intense, lined up above the cinema take ticket machine absolutely not stiff machine, arrangement, and not all of them live in peace with each other so placed.

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text Wang Xinxi p on Friday night in the fourth quarter

text Wang Xinxi p on Friday night in the fourth quarter, the voice of China in Zhejiang satellite TV broadcasting, from the point of view of sina microblogging topic index and Baidu search index, good sound in the fourth quarter the opening is still an impressive performance, but can perceive is that sound E-CIG CHINA good most of the topics from mentor Jay added. In terms of micro blog, micro channel circle of friends and other social channels topic amount and friends attention degree, this file program in popularity has been showing signs of fatigue. p we review, the voice of China since its launch in 2012, rapidly popular in the country, Disposable e cigarette was almost relying on word of mouth get the public’s attention. To sound the first season officially ended, good sound attention and popularity, influence Mechanical Mod and RDA almost all the people enjoy great popularity among the people. But from the beginning of the second season, the reputation, the amount of the topic, the attention began to decline rapidly, from the ratings, the 2013 total of 2.35% in 2014, the whole of the season in, the spread of the composite index are not as good as the first quarter. Of course, we know, good Hot E Cig kits sound show weakness, more reason is this file program broadcast several season 4, users
New starbuzz e hose huge vapor ehose smoking vaporizer with18650 battery ecig kit electronic hookah pen starbuzz hookahs e-hosealready aesthetic fatigue. In the first quarter of the teacher chair draft mode and players are too amazing, and the second and third season not exceed expectations, resulting in users expect too much disappointed, at present good voice to the four ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA seasons, is still rely on lying in the success of the original
Cheap New ecig China path and mode, lack of innovation and burst, and the four seasons is still need through mentor inside story such as the highlight of the four seasons
http://www.18280411888.cn/news/html/?127065.html is only Jay join manufacturing topic effects, similar to the first season of the voice drives a plurality of social class to watch and participate in the discussion of the ability to have does not reappear. from the distribution of copyright to copyright, a good voice of the E-CIGARETTE CHINA influence and reputation have declined and from the program itself, we are from the Internet channel and the Internet copyright path to analyze, good sound may also be lost at what point? China good voice of the network broadcast route is from the initial distribution of copyright to the exclusive broadcast strategy. In the first quarter of 2012, the good voice of the network copyright sold
Cheap USB cable Adapter Online Sale only about 10000000 yuan, the original use of copyright distribution, almost all the video resources to provide free of charge to all the network platform. In contrast, the first quarter, China good voice in the network platform to spread the effect of good. According to the statistical data show: at that time, China good voice Baidu index is about 1000000, and in the television variety show, from second to fiftieth, plus less than 1000000. That is to say, ‘China voice’ not only the champion, but also exceed the
Cheap Neck Chain necklace Online Sale sum of the top 50. 2012 years ago, Zhejiang satellite TV has not been much layout in the new media. But since after the second quarter, the voice of China’s copyright strategy has changed, from copyright distribution to independent radio, Sohu a billion won the good sound exclusive network copyright, Sohu won the first order is 100 birds gazelle 3000 million yuan in advertising, in the second quarter before the launch, the amount of sponsorship has reached 1.3 billion, early recovery of costs. Finally, Sohu Video rely on good voice netted a

starting Justice Network July 17th review channel to the post of Internet users still need to consider the conviction of criminal law 4 times after the trial

starting Justice Network July 17th review channel to the post of Internet users still need to consider the conviction of criminal law 4 times after the trial, the net posts report
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Canada Online Sale Zhongkai District Secretary of 2 alleged in a verdict. On July 3, Huicheng District Court trial at the post Li Hongan, investment on behalf of the people Wei Yunxin all commit the crime of illegal access to personal information of citizens, 2 per capita was sentenced to one year and six months, after the verdict 2 per capita said in Air Jordan Shoes Mens an appeal. Southern Metropolis Daily reported in July 16th p selling, illegal and illegal access to personal information of citizens into sin, in order to strengthen the protection of citizens, disciplinary information leakage cause other people’s body, property and privacy infringement behavior. Visible the intention is to improve the protection of public information, focus on preventing hazard group and potentially dangerous and more coverage of the public interests, the tendency is not to prevent individual attacks. Because of the
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Men Canada Online Sale libel and the crime of false accusation can of punishment of behavior. identified from the crime, can be identified as nothing more than thr
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Premium Black Greyee focus: p 1, personal information identification and personal information security law in our country there is no supporting ed, but circles and the practice is generally believed that, with the privacy of personal home address, track action, identity information, phone numbers, bank accounts and other related to personal characteristics and personal safety information, all belong to personal information. second, the illegal acquisition is that access to the
http://www.scnyjlr.com/plus/feedback.php?aid=123 channel, access to the illegal behavior. Means of behavior from the point of view, secretly tracking, our video is in violation of laws and regulations to prohibit the provision, the harmfulness of the means is not inferior to the illegal purchase and theft of personal information, visible secret tracking, our behavior can be identified as illegal acquisition. Thus, the secret tracking, candid video and personal information online is illegal. third, after the illegal Nike Air Force Ones identification, we also need to think about the penalty Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice when the penalty. Behavior is placed in the administrative responsibility, civil liability or criminal liability, depends on the social harmfulness of size, but current legislation on the identification of elements of serious fails to clear, which led to more subjective intervention. p, the author believes that serious can be identified, the key lies in times and number of the case involved in research company to obtain information illegally, illegal access to information, Nike Air Foamposite Women causing much damage to the citizens, companies involved in whether to
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium Women Canada Online Sale obtain information for criminal activities, such as, rather than placed in a serious impact on the victim’s life. After all, the victim as a public figure, the Nike Air Max Mens right of privacy itself is relatively ordinary people more narrow, if this conviction inevitably lead to public to protect the identity of the information, selective enforcement of the question. p in short, in accordance with the requirements of the criminal law, we might think, the behavior is exhaustion of other disciplinary approach, and is able to have less spending Blake Griffin Shoes even without penalty and maintain social harmony and stability. This is obviously for us to ponder over.